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Girlfriend Bondage Pictures – Gagged Outside At Night

by on Apr.13, 2010, under Bondage Pictures

Ha! I just found this funny set of pics whilst checking out the archives over at My Bound Wife. Gotta love the word Help! thats been written upon her duct tape gag.  This young bitch was gagged outdoors and then tortured by her dominant boyfriend. Head on over and check out the full set of pics.


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Hot Pictures Of Sub Bondage Slave Girlfriend

by on Mar.01, 2010, under Bondage Pictures

This twenty year old submissive slave slut had been interested in the BDSM and Bondage lifestyle for a long time before deciding to take the plunge and get involved herself. Finally finding a suitable Male Dom she submitted herself fully to him and now aims to fulfil his twisted perverted fantasies whilst living as his very own bondage slave slut.  If only we could all find a young faced submissive bitch to enslave and amuse ourselves with hehe.  There’s a hot set of free pics of this  slave slut being restrained with handcuffs and then in action over at Restrained Girls so download her pictures and check her out along with hundreds of other real amateur bondage slaves being abused, tortured and living in bondage.


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Submissive Bitch Wife In Suspension Bondage Pictures

by on Jan.15, 2010, under Bondage Pictures

This stupid bitch thought it would be fine to serve up a shitty reheated meal to her dominant husband who was so enraged by the insolence that he slapped her hard across the face then gripped her by the head and forced her to her knees.  After stripping her nude he pissed in her face and over her hair then dragged her to their bedroom where he rigged up some chains to his ceiling hooks then strapped her wrists and ankles in thick leather restraints before hoisting her high into the air.


As his piss dripped from her hair he produced a cane and began to viciously whip her across her bare ass until her buttocks turned bright purple from the lashing he had doled out to her. By now he had become aroused so went looking for his digicam and began to take pictures of his captive submissive wife who after years of living in bondage was well used to this kind of extreme treatment.  Producing his cock for a second time he gripped her hair and pulled it back from her face before skull fucking her as she swang in the air suspended in his amateur suspension bondage rig.

More crazy amateur bondage couples post their pics at My Bound Wife than at any other amateur website.  Get over there now and see just how extreme some of these folks are!

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Submissive Bondage Girl Takes A Facial Here

by on Dec.15, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

This sexy slave’s mouth got stretched to the limit by this massive ball gag and her lips look amazing clamped tight around it as her male dom wanks himself off off over face before spunking all over her hair and straight in the eye.  He slapped the gagged submissive right in the face with his hard cock and rubbed his cum up her nostrils filling her nose with his sticky seed.


She squealed and squirmed but this blond slave girl had been tied so tightly for these pictures, that she had no possibility of escaping her tormentors who had relentlessly tortured and humiliated her for this amazing set of pictures and full video scene which they then posted at their website Disgraced18.  If your a fan of extreme bondage and BDSM then you owe it to yourself to check out the free videos posted there.  I have never seen any submissive sluts elsewhere that take this level of abuse and degradation!

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Pictures Of Abused Young Bondage Slut

by on Dec.15, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Hahahaha, check out the look on this slave bitch’s face as she realises the full horror of what is about to happen to her, tied up tight with bondage tape her wrists were handcuffed and a giant rubber cock stuffed deep into her pussy fucking her at the exact moment that her second tormentor ripped back her cheeks and applied a brutal looking fish hook to the submissive slut.


She squealed and tried to scream but her cries for help were muffled by the fingers of her male dom.  He held her eyes open and forced her to watch the grotesque site of the other male dom penetrating her tight little snatch and fucking her deep.  I am positive that this girl has NEVER EVER been fucked this way before haha 😀 These pictures have to be seen to be believed as does the movies!

If your a fan of hardcore extreme bondage and BDSM then head over to Disgraced18 and check out the masters of perverse humilation at work.  Their videos are so fucking awesome I personally can’t get enough!

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Pictures Of Bound BDSM Slut In Bondage

by on Dec.12, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

This brunette slut slave was gagged with a large ball gag and thrown onto her bed.  Her two male doms then quickly tied her down with straps and ripped her panties off to reveal her shaved pussy.  They then took it in turns to punish, tease and abuse the captive bitch.  She struggled against her bonds as they began to fuck her with a giant dildo before fisting her and then wanking off over her face.  She began to cry and her tears mixed with their spunk as they cum on her face.


Slapping her sticky face with their wet hard cocks they Hi Fived each other over her and laughed at how they had humiliated this girl and recorded it all with pictures and film.  Head over to Disgraced18 if you want to see the video today.

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Blond In Bondage Fucked With Huge Dildo

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Blindfolded and bound with thick leather restraints that chained her ankles to her wrists this slut wife is mercilessly fucked and punished by her dominant male partner.  He slams her tight pussy with a huge black rubber cock before pulling the dildo out and clubbing her with it repeatedly. He then unfastens his jeans and proceeds to fuck his captive slut whilst she screams with pain and pleasure whilst laid out on her kitchen table!


I found this hot slut whilst surfing over at Restrained Girls, its a new site but rammed full of free daily updated galleries so I figured I should share the tip with you guys 🙂

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Couple Of Sluts Got Cuffed In These Bondage Pictures

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

These two young women got talked into trying out some bondage fun by a smooth talking wannabe Dom.  He handcuffed them to the woodwork of his bed and then tied their ankles together with a long length of rope.  Once he had them securely bound he ran his hand up the stockings clad legs of the brunette girl and then spanked her hard on the ass three times.  She giggled and squirmed with pleasure even though her ass cheek burned with pain….

04 (5)

I found these sluts over at Restrained Girls which is rammed full of free bondage pictures and is updated everyday.

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Hot Blindfolded Chick I Found Sucking Cock

by on Nov.24, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

I found this slutty blindfolded wife whilst surfing over at Restrained Girls.  I found the site by accident last week whilst searching google for some new bondage amateur photos and was pretty impressed by the free BDSM galleries that this site has to offer. Tonnes of girls were being tied, restrained, humiliated and downright abused. So many that after checking just a few galleries I found this hot slut sucking cock whilst blindfolded and decided to rub one off. Beating my meat it took me only a few minutes to spill my hot seed all over my desk. What a slut and what a site!


There were thousands of free bondage picture and movie galleries listed over at Restrained Girls so be sure to check them out.

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Bondage Sub Wife Tied, Paddled Then Fucked

by on Nov.04, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Shoved to the ground by her physically imposing master this submissive wife is forcibly restrained with her hands tied above her head. She is made to bend over whilst her master beats her ass hard with his special spanking paddle.  Her butt cheeks swelled and glowed crimson from the spanking.  He then stuffed her pussy with a large egg shaped dildo which almost vanished inside her.  He demanded that she push it out which she managed to do but then his cock immediately replaced the sex toy inside filling her cunt again and fucking his slut slave sub so hard that her face and forehead banged repeatedly against the floor!


This couple are one of many who contribute to Amateur Tied regularly. Be sure to stop by and download their bondage picture collections.

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Bondage Girl Tied, Gagged And Blindfolded In BDSM Pictures

by on Nov.04, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Blindfolded and gagged by her master this hogtied hottie was punished hard by her Dom who felt the need to discipline his naughty disobedient slave girl.  The ropes were tied extra tight for this session and his submissive could feel the blood supply to her feet and hands being cut off by her bonds.  She struggled to breathe through her nose as the thick tape gag made it impossible to breathe through her mouth. 


Pulling out his riding crop he cracked it down hard across her exposed ass cheeks. She let out a muffled squeal of pain as the flesh of her buttocks immediately swelled and formed a welt where the crop had caned her. Six times he caned her until her ass looked like it had been grilled in a waffle maker! 

See the full set of BDSM pictures from these bondage amateurs submitted to Amateur Tied.

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Pictures Of Bondage Slave Being Chained And Whipped

by on Nov.04, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

DAMN! This slave gets punished hard in this awesome set of amateur bondage pictures. With her wrists tied a chain is then attached to her.  She is then forced to bend over and eat dog food whilst an absolutely brutal looking whip is cracked down hard upon her exposted chubby ass repeatedly. It welts up and her master discards the whip in favour of the palms of his hands which he rains down upon her already swollen ass slapping and spanking it harder and harder before finally freeing his cock from his underwear and fucking her deep in the ass and pussy!  With a face full of dog food and an ass full of cock this slave is left humiliate and abused by her Dom.  Fantastic hard amateur bondage!


You owe it to your cock to get over to Amateur Tied and check out this crazy hard amateur bondage photo set.

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Pictures Of Bondage Slave In Wooden Stocks

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Fully nude and blindfolded this unfortunate submissive was bound by these heavy wooden stocks for almost three hours as she was paddled, beaten and generally abused by her two dominant masters who took it in turns to punish her before they eventually both penetrate her.  Double penetration whilst restrained in a stock CANNOT be comfortable hehe.  Amazing body on this young slut and she clearly enjoys hard rough sex which these two guys are all too keen to dish out.


See this bound young woman be abused in this hard amateur bondage session at Amateur Tied.

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Pictures Of Bondage Slave GF Chained On Bed

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Wearing a rubber dress and high heels this enslaved slut girlfriend has had leather ankle restraints applied to her and a thick chain links them together restricting her movement.  Her master, James, ordered her onto the bed and forced her to perform a variety of sexual acts upon him.  She sucked hard on his cock and reached around to probe his asshole with her fingertips. Her master allowed her to continue and soon she had all five fingers inside him. He moaned loudly and struggled to control the camera then suddenly exploded over this bondage slut showering her with his spunk as she fisted him hard in the ass!


He says it wasn’t what he was expecting when this first session began and promised that next time it would be her being fisted and like this time he would again be posting the pictures of their experience at Amateur Tied.

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Young Bondage Couple Experiment With Hog Tying

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

This is pretty fucking good for a first effort at a Hog Tie.  The ropes look tight and she has definitely been securely bound by her bondage loving boyfriend.  Happy with his handiwork he finished off his masterpiece by applying a duct tape gag tight across her mouth and a black scarf serves as the perfect blindfold.  Taking this picture he stood back to admire his creation and then pulled his cock free from his pants jerking at it hard until he shot his cum all over the blindfold and her hair.  She squealed with delight as she realised what was happening to her.  What a filthy whore 😀


See this girl showered in cum in these bondage pictures only at Amateur Tied.

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BDSM Wife Gets Pussy Opened Wide With Speculum

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Very hardcore amateur bondage pictures here from a hot German couple. Opening his wife’s pussy wide he then inserts a number of bizarre items inside her snatch including a whole coke can!  If you enjoy bizarre insertions then this is the set for you!


See deep inside this enslaved wife’s pussy only at Amateur Tied.

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Pics Of Blindfolded Bondage Wife Forced To Suck A Cock

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

In these pictures this submissive wife who lives in a perpetual state of bondage has her wrists tied and is then blindfolded and forced to suck upon her mans fat cock which is wedged between her lips forcing her mouth open wide.  She begins to gag as his cock fills her mouth and her master begins to fuck her throat.  She suppresses her gag reflex expertly and milks his cock for all she’s worth jerking her head up and down rapidly in a desperate effort to please her dom.


This enslaved wife is a perfect match for her perverse boyfriend whose cock suddenly erupts filling his slut’s mouth and throat with a gigantic wad of his cum.  You can see the full set of pictures submitted by this bondage couple only at Amateur Tied.

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Bondage Girl Gets Double Penetrated In These Pictures

by on Oct.18, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

This bitch has been bound tight by thick black ropes. With her legs tied wide apart she has no option but to submit to her dominant boyfriend who takes two giant sex toys and plugs them deep into her body cavities filling bother her cunt and asshole at the same time.  Now double penetrated by these toys he began to take pictures of his captive girl in this state of bondage…


See this girl get abused by these two jumbo sized sex toys only at Amateur Tied.

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Submissive Slave Slut Poses For Bondage Pictures

by on Oct.18, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Keen to show off how subservient and well trained his submissive slave was, Thomas invited some friends around to watch as he put her to use humiliating her in front of them. Then blindfolding her and placing a dogs collar and leash around her neck. He allowed his friends to take it in turns parading her around the room. She crawled on all fours like an animal and they each took it in turns to spank her.  After taking some pictures of this Thomas decided to tie his slave and hoisted her arms up high above her head as he wrapped them together around a ceiling hook with the leash.  Now dangling in the air and exposed the men began to take turns with her, sucking her tits, fingering her and generally abusing her whilst Thomas stood back and took pictures of this obedient bitch who was living in bondage.


See all the bondage pictures of this girl being abused by Thomas and his friends over at Amateur Tied.

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Bondage Lesbians Have Fun And Take Pictures

by on Oct.18, 2009, under Bondage Pictures

Four slut girl friends get together and enjoy some lesbian fun and light bondage experimentation in this nice set of submitted amateur pictures.  This petite cutie gets her pussy licked by all three of her friends whilst being restrained on the bed with thick leather wrist straps.  Blindfolded she wriggles and struggles to escape her bonds as the sensation of her friends tongue on her pussy proves too much for her.  She moaned out loud as her friends continued to eat her pussy and enjoy her nude body.


These pictures were submitted to Amateur Tied so you can  visit and view the whole set and see what else happens between these four lesbian bondage sluts.

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